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Most new oven orders shipping April/May 2021. More info.
Most new oven orders shipping April/May 2021. More info.
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Everyone deserves a great workplace. Everyone deserves to want to come to work and to feel excited on a Sunday evening. Everyone deserves to be valued and trusted by their employer and to be allowed to learn and grow in their role. Everyone deserves to be empowered and know that what they do 9 to 5,  Monday to Friday, is helping to make the world just a little bit better – one slice at a time. That’s what we’re aiming for at Ooni, and we’re nailing it.

Our home is just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Ooni HQ is a custom-built hub that covers all the bases – from design and prototyping, to cooking and filming. And, y’know, all the usual office-y stuff. Our coffee machine is phenomenal and we stay well fed and bendy with weekly pizza parties and yoga classes.


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