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Your steps

Set up your oven

Watch the video below to help you get set up with your Volt 12

Plug the cord into your wall socket. To season, run Ooni Volt 12 at top temperatures (850°F /450°C) for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, put the oven in standby mode by pressing the illuminated “On/Off” icon on the door. Wait at least 10 minutes before turning off the oven’s side switch. Let the oven to cool down completely (this can take up to one hour).

After your initial season, turn the temperature dial to 850°F/450°C to begin pre-heating. When you hear the tone sound, check that the baking stone’s temperature is the same as the ambient temperature with an Ooni Infrared Thermometer.

If you're using your oven outdoors, please make sure that your weatherproof extension cable if properly grounded and rated for the oven's power supply. Extension cables that include electrical safety devices like CDs or GFCIs are ideal.

What do the dials do?

  • Timer dial counts down the time from whatever you set it to. It will not turn off the oven once the count down is complete.
  • Temp dial sets the temperature for cooking.
  • Top/Bottom Balance dial sets the relative temperature of the stone and the overhead heating element. Turning counterclockwise makes the stone hotter than the top of the oven. Turning clockwise makes the top hotter than the stone. If set to the middle, they’re both equal. The balance can only be adjusted once the oven has reached it’s set temperature.

Ooni Volt 12 can get hot during use. Make sure to place the oven on a heat resistant surface or use a trivet or heat resistant pad. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of the surface for advice prior to use. Ensure there is plenty of space around it - making sure to remove any flammable items nearby. Don't place Ooni Volt 12 on glass or plastic surfaces.

When you choose your temperature using the Temp dial, the Top/Bottom Balance dial is tuned. You don’t need to adjust the balance manually unless you’d prefer more heat on the top or bottom. You can find our temperature recommendations on page 16 of the Essentials Guide.

Shape your base

Before you start, remove any jewelery on your hands. It’s also essential to dust your surface and hands generously with flour or semolina. Then follow these steps below.

Holes in your base? If it's small, pinch it closed! Bigger? No matter the scenario, your dough can be salvaged. Turn it into a Recovery Calzone!

Top your pizza

Before topping, move your shaped base onto a floured peel. See our tips below to check your base doesn’t stick before you launch.

For a margherita, top lightly with your pizza sauce, mozzarella and some fresh basil leaves.

Top your pizza

Launch your pizza

It's time to slide your pizza off the peel and into the oven. This can be a tricky part of the cook. After making sure your base hasn’t stuck, aim to slide the pizza into the middle of the baking stone.

Launch your pizza

Cook your pizza

For best results, use your peel to take the pizza out and turn it every 20-30 seconds.You can also use an Ooni Pizza Turning Peel to turn pizzas while still in the oven.

Your Neapolitan-Style pizza will be ready in under 2 minutes. If you want to cook a second pizza, make sure the stone gets back up to 715°F-850°F (380°C-450°C) before launching.

Cook your pizza

Uneven bake?

Try adjusting your cooking technique with these tips: Why is my pizza burning?

You made it!

Enjoy your pizza! You should be proud of yourself for making it from scratch!

What's Next?

Now that you know the basics, here's what comes next.

Are we missing something?

We'd love your feedback to improve this pizza making guide.

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