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Herby Pizza Dough Flatbread

Looking for a simple, delicious bread to pair with all sorts of dips and dinners? This versatile flatbread uses our Classic Pizza Dough recipe, finished with plenty of herb-packed butter. We love it served alongside our Cheesy Baked Artichoke Dip.

Makes 1x 12”/16” flatbread

250/330g (8.8/11.6oz) classic pizza dough 

For the herb butter
100g (1 stick) salted butter, melted
1 garlic clove, crushed
3 tbsp thyme leaves
3 tbsp parsley, finely chopped

Prepare your pizza dough ahead of time. Our guide to making the perfect Classic Pizza Dough covers everything you need to know.

Fire up your Ooni pizza oven. Aim for 500˚C (932˚F) on the stone baking board inside. You can check the temperature inside your Ooni pizza oven quickly and easily using the Ooni Infrared Thermometer.

In a bowl, mix together all the herb butter ingredients until well combined. Set aside.

Lightly flour your work surface and a rolling pin. Use the rolling pin to gently flatten out the pizza dough ball, stretching it out until it’s about 12”/16” wide. 

Using a small amount of flour, dust your Ooni Pizza Peel. Lay the dough on top and drizzle over two tablespoons of the herb butter. Use a pastry brush or your fingers to ensure the dough is evenly coated with the butter.

Slide the dough off the peel and into your Ooni pizza oven, making sure to rotate the flatbread regularly as it cooks - exactly the same as you would when cooking a pizza in your Ooni.

Once cooked, remove the flatbread from the oven. Drizzle over as much of the extra herb butter as you like, and slice into strips to serve. Repeat for the second ball of dough – no doubt your guests will be asking for more!

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