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Get Fired Up For New Ooni Softwood Pellets
Get Fired Up For New Ooni Softwood Pellets

Get Fired Up For New Ooni Softwood Pellets

Ooni Fyra 12 owners and pellet fuel-lovers in the UK and EU, we have some big news for you. We are switching over to softwood pellets instead of hardwood for UK and EU customers. 

This may seem like a pretty significant change, but trust us when we say that we’ve done our due diligence. And while you probably won’t notice any difference whatsoever, this switch will have a massive impact on our ability to provide high-quality, sustainable products, so you can make the best pizza possible and go easy on the planet.  

Didn’t you say hardwood pellets were a better option?!

We did, and high marks for remembering. Most softwood pellets, especially those produced in the United States, contain fillers and binding agents, neither of which are things you want anywhere near your pizza.

Ooni Softwood Pellets, on the other hand, are ENPlus A1 accredited, which means they are clean, additive-free, and food safe, and meet our rigorous standards for quality, safety and sustainability. If you want guaranteed results, use Ooni-approved pellets. If you can’t easily get your hands on Ooni-approved pellets, any softwood pellets carrying the ENPlus A1 certification or other hardwood pellets will work great as well.

What made you decide to switch to softwood pellets?

Hardwoods are far less abundant in the UK than they are in the US. They also grow much more slowly than softwoods, which means they are harder to replace. Switching to softwood pellets for our customers in the UK and EU means we can source high-quality raw materials much closer to home. 

And by ‘closer to home’, we mean really close. 

Ooni’s new pellets are made in Scotland, a figurative stone’s throw from Ooni HQ compared to hauling hardwoods across the Atlantic. 

Our partners source raw materials from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified, sustainably managed forests. And because softwood trees grow so much faster than hardwoods, the forests can regenerate faster, too.

To put it simply, being able to source wood close to home allows us to shorten our supply chain (good news for you) while reducing our carbon output (good news for the planet).  

Will I notice a difference?

Hardly at all. Our new softwood pellets perform just as well and deliver as much heat and wood-fired flavour as hardwood pellets. If anything, you’ll likely find less ash in your fuel tray after cooking. 

Hardwood pellets will still be available in the US, where hardwood trees are abundant regionally.

It bears mentioning that the softwood switch only applies to pellets. Because of the physical difference between pellets and logs, we recommend always using hardwood logs and kindling in multi-fuel Ooni ovens like the Karu 12G and Karu 16

We hope this gives you a little insight into our decision —  and that once you use the new softwood pellets, you’ll be as fired up about them as we are. 

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