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Ooni 3 Vs Ooni Fyra
Ooni 3 Vs Ooni Fyra

The evolution of Ooni 3 to Ooni Fyra

Ooni Fyra is the proud successor of Ooni 3, the world’s first portable pizza oven fueled by wood pellets. Ooni 3 is a direct evolution of our very first oven launched on Kickstarter in 2012. Since then we’ve taken learnings, feedback from our customers, and countless hours designing, engineering, and testing to deliver a world-class pellet-fired experience in Ooni Fyra. 

Ooni 3 was my first Ooni pizza oven, so I will forever be attached to it’s wonder. There’s a whole legion of Ooni 3 fans out there and rightly so - it was the world’s first portable pellet-fired pizza oven, launched millions of pizzas globally, AND continues to do so!

Improved portability

Ooni Fyra is our most portable wood fired oven yet at only 10kg. The detachable 2-part chimney and hopper fit inside the oven. Carry Ooni Fyra to any destination using the Ooni Fyra Carry Cover which has an additional bag for the chimney and hopper. 

Larger hopper 

Cook for up to 20 minutes, without topping up the hopper! We’ve increased the hopper by 50% from Ooni 3. Once the hopper is full and Ooni Fyra is up to temperature, you’ll have a longer uninterrupted cook time as the pellets are gravity fed!

Better airflow

Ooni Fyra has a re-designed fuel tray and grate, to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Moderate the temperature with the chimney vent/baffle which regulates air flow within the oven.

Fuel economy / efficiency

We’ve packed more insulation into Ooni Fyra than Ooni 3 meaning a 16% faster heat up time. The shell is a carbon steel construction with weather resistant powder coating exterior. Ooni Fyra uses 44% less fuel in a 90 minute cook compared to Ooni 3. 

Viewing hole

Use the viewing hole feature to check out your pizza, whilst retaining full heat in Ooni Fyra. Built into the door, the viewing hole gives you sight of your cooking pizza, without removing the door.

Door hook

Hang the door on the handy hook when you’re launching and retrieving pizzas. 

If you’d like to see more, visit our Ooni Fyra product page.

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