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Ooni Loves: Pizza, Our Planet and People!
Ooni Loves: Pizza, Our Planet and People!

Ooni Loves: Pizza, Our Planet and People!

Here at Ooni we’ve always been committed to being a company for good. One percent of our annual turnover goes straight to a fund for social and environmental clauses. 

Here’s some of the impact we’ve made recently.

Our impact on the planet

Eden Reforestation Projects

We’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet and Eden Projects to sponsor a reforestation site in Madagascar. 

It covers 1,720 hectares of depleted mangroves -- home to a vibrant but endangered coastal ecosystem.

We are in our second year of partnership, and so far…

  • We surpassed our goal to plant 1 million trees during the first year
  • The project now employs 54 people from the local community to plant trees and protect the area
  • We have pledged enough to cover 10,000 days of work, to ensure our planters and guards have steady employment guaranteed for the future.

Did you know..? By purchasing an Ooni Pro on you help plant 59 new trees in Madagascar!

Ooni Madagascar planting site
The Ooni Planting Site in Madagascar, spanning 1,720 hectares of mangrove forest. People from the local community are given steady employment planting and protecting trees.

Sustainable packaging

At the end of 2018 we made a decision to move away from single-use plastic. 

Since then, we’ve designed and implemented new packaging on all our ovens, most of which is now made of recyclable materials like corrugated fibreboard, pulp trays (made from recycled recycled newspapers) and biodegradable bags made from plant-based materials. 

Our recyclable packaging on Ooni Koda 16

We’re proud to say that all of our oven packaging is at the very least 96% recyclable.  

That has translated into saving over 50 tonnes of single use plastic from going to landfill in 2019 alone. That's the weight of 176,667 12" pizzas!

Recyclable materials on all our ovens' packaging

Our goal for the coming years is to get to 100% recyclable packaging, and to increase the percentage of recycled material we use to protect your ovens while they make their way to you.

Social initiatives

We have pledged 1% of the turnover for all accessories we sell to social causes helping feed people in our local communities: Social Bite in Scotland, and Slice Out Hunger in the US. 

Social Bite is a charity that runs a network of social cafes and delivery services feeding vulnerable people across Scotland. They have recently transformed their whole operations to help during the Covid-19 epidemic by preparing and delivering 3,000 meals and other essentials around the country. 

Pizza session with the folks at Social Bite
Making pizza with our friends at Social Bite

Slice Out Hunger is a non-profit that runs pizza events where all proceeds go to hunger relief and prevention initiatives in the United States. Late last year we collaborated with them to organise the annual New York City $1 Pizza Party, where 100% of proceeds went to Citymeals on Wheels. 

Additionally, we have pledged to match each and every pound, euro or dollar our employees raise for charity. So far, this has translated to supporting hundreds of different charities around the world.

Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5Some of the amazing Oonites who completed the 'Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5'

Slice of Kindness

When Covid-19 restrictions hit, our minds turned to the rest of the food community. We knew independent restaurants would struggle if forced to close or reduce their operations for the long term. In response to it, we gifted each of our employees money to spend now on a gift certificate for their favourite local restaurants.

As part of our Slice of Kindness campaign, we also introduced the Everyday Heroes competition. People around the world shared their stories and nominated their closest heroes -- people in the frontlines, from volunteers to healthcare workers to above-and-beyond moms and dads. We selected nominees from each continent and sent them an Ooni pizza oven and accessories gift as a small way of thanking them for their incredible courage.

We’re on a mission!

Actually, make that two missions. Yes, we want to get great pizza into the hands of every person on the planet (because EVERYONE deserves great pizza), but we also want to do it in a way that helps the planet and our communities. Thank you for supporting Ooni and allowing us to build a company that has purpose.


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