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Blistered padrón peppers with flaked salt are the perfect handheld snack, easy to whip up and they will be gone in minutes.

Blistered Padron Peppers (Pimientos de Padron)

Padrón peppers (Pimientos de Padrón) hail from the namesake region in northwestern Spain. Eating them can be a bit like playing a game of Russian roulette: Most are mild and delicate in flavor, but around one in 10 have a powerful, spicy kick. Customarily, Padrón peppers can be fried, coated or stuffed, but they’re often flame cooked in olive oil and flaked sea salt until they blister, making them a perfect cast iron dish.

In recent years, padrón peppers have seen a huge surge in popularity across bars and restaurants in Europe. Thanks to their bite-sized shape, handy stem, and salty moreish (that’s British for “you’re going to want some more”) flavor, they make a perfect bar snack, tapas plate, or easily shareable side. Spain-based Ooni Ambassador Alberto Zanrosso brought this recipe to life on a rooftop in Barcelona as part of a flame-cooked dinner party with friends. The peppers are best when cooked until tender, which requires a slower cook at a lower temperature. This makes it an ideal warm-up or warm-down recipe for your next gathering.

Serves 2 to 4 as a side or starter

20 minutes

Ooni Pizza Oven
Ooni Infrared Thermometer
Ooni Cast Iron Pan

500 grams Padròn peppers
25 grams extra-virgin olive oil 
Large pinch (3.5 grams) Maldon or other flaked sea salt

Fire up your oven. Preheat the oven to 200°C, then add the skillet and preheat until the center hits the same temperature. 

In a bowl, toss the peppers with the olive oil and salt. Add to the hot pan and cook in the oven, giving the pan a shake every 2 minutes. Turn the pan 90° every 5 minutes for a rough total of 15 minutes. Cook until the peppers are tender and blistered. Serve immediately. 

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