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Karu 12G pizza oven
Karu 12G pizza oven

Meet the Ooni Karu 12G

The Karu 12G is the newest multi-fuel oven from Ooni. Leveraging over a decade of building the world’s best home pizza ovens, we precision-engineered the Karu 12G for flexibility, power and portability so you can make great pizza at home or on the go. 

Go anywhere
The Karu 12G is light, portable, compact, easy to break down and easy to carry. So, whether you’re taking the 12G down the street or up a mountain path, you’ll be able to make great pizza when you get there. 

Fuel flexibility
Whether you like the smoky flavour of wood and charcoal or the convenience of gas, you can make pizza your way with the multi-fuel versatility of the Karu 12G.

Made for pizza-makers 
For the 12G, we added features like a built-in thermometer and a highly insulated glass door so you can watch your pizza cook without losing any heat. Speaking of heat, the Karu 12G can reach temperatures of 450 °C (850 °F) in as little as 15 minutes.

Combines style and performance
With its compact footprint, sophisticated design and stylish powder-coated shell, the Karu 12G is an attractive addition to any outdoor kitchen, backyard or balcony. 

Find out how you can fire up great pizza with the Karu 12G

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