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Uuni 3 + Gas Burner Bundle

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The Uuni 3 Gas Bundle has everything you need to start cooking restaurant quality pizza and so much more at a flick of a switch!

Our Uuni 3 Gas Bundle includes: 

  • Uuni 3 Pizza Oven
  • Gas Burner for Uuni 3
  • Uuni 3 Cover & Bag
  • Skillet Pan - Ooni Cast Iron Series
  • Uuni Pizza Peel

With this great value bundle, you are ready to start cooking with gas immediately! This bundle is on offer for the price of €325.

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Key Features

  • Uuni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven: the worlds favourite outdoor portable pizza oven - 500˚C in just 10 minutes, ready to create world-class pizza and more!
  • Gas Burner for Uuni 3: the ultimate in fire control and convenience, fire up your Uuni 3 in seconds and adjust temperatures with ease. 
  • Uuni 3 Cover & Bag: to protect your Uuni 3 when (for some reason) you aren't using it, or flip the cover around and it's a bag to take your Uuni 3 on the road. 
  • Skillet Pan: Made from high quality durable cast iron, the Uuni Skillet has excellent heat retention and is the perfect all-purpose pan. Great for use in Ooni Pizza ovens, open fire and indoors too. 
  • Uuni Pizza Peel: 12" pizza peel, for launch and retrieval with ease.

What's in the box

  • Uuni 3 Pizza Oven
  • Uuni 3 Gas Burner
  • Sizzler Pan
  • Uuni 3 Cover/bag
  • Wood Pellet Burner 
  • Cordierite Stone Baking Board
  • Pizza Peel
  • Manual and Safety Instructions

Technical Features

  • Made of 430 stainless steel
  • Ceramic fibre insulated
  • 10mm (0.4") cordierite stone for high heat retention
  • Patent pending design
  • Cooking surface: 337 by 337mm (13.2" by 13.2")
  • Dimensions: 640mm (25.2") (L), 360mm (14.1") (W), 220mm (8.6") (H) excluding chimney

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We’re hot

To make truly great pizza, you need real heat. Our Ooni ovens reach 500˚C, and cook restaurant-quality pizza in 60 seconds. Want a pizzeria experience in your own backyard? Ooni is for you.

We’re versatile

Great pizza was our first goal, but Uuni 3 and Uuni Pro allow you to cook so much more. Think oven-roasted fish, meat and vegetable dishes, too. Uuni 3 can run on wood pellets, or use the Uuni 3 Gas Burner for fully adjustable, consistent heat. Uuni Pro is the world’s first quad-fueled outdoor oven, compatible with wood pellets, wood kindling, charcoal or gas as fuel options. From crusty sourdough bread loaves to slow-roasted beef shanks, Ooni offers full flexibility for your cooking needs.

We bring people together

Ooni connects people through exceptional food experiences. Our ovens are naturally interactive and the heart of social occasions, drawing friends and family around to cook and dine together. Our Ooni Community on Facebook is a dedicated space for impassioned foodies and pizza lovers to connect, and a resource for sharing and discovering recipe ideas and tips from fellow Ooni owners around the world.

We innovate

Ooni was founded to create the world’s first portable wood-fired pizza oven. Five years on, we’ve launched a comprehensive range of outdoor ovens and accessories in order to continue to bring the best cooking experience possible to our customers. We are leading a revolution in outdoor cooking, and will always ensure every Ooni product has innovation at its core.

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