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Uuni Chef

Kick-ass, charismatic chef needed for regular part-time work at Uuni HQ!

Uuni are the leaders of an outdoor cooking revolution and makers of the world’s first portable wood-fired pizza ovens. We are opening a new (totally awesome) HQ in Broxburn, near Edinburgh, and part of the new digs is a brand new in-house studio kitchen for filming media content.

Uuni has a thriving connected community of Uuni owners all over the world. We film a lot with our current team (our founders’ garden has the footprints to prove it...) but we are stepping up our video and recipe production and we are looking for the right chef to help us to deliver even better video content to our growing customer base.

Your Key Ingredients

  • 10kg of knowledge: about all things gastronomic - we’re talking the kind of cooking skills that would make Grandma blush.
  • Buckets of charismatic personality: our food is born in the fire, we need to see it in you!
  • A pinch of eloquence: A clear accent (that is able to be understood internationally), and is comfortable cooking and presenting on camera
  • A pizzaz for pizzas: ability to make awesome authentic Neapolitan pizzas
  • A dash of mad science:  a serious flair for dish creation - look at things differently, create new and innovative dishes which can be cooked with our products.
  • A soupcon of style: on top of current trends and ability to adapt and look at what is coming next.
  • A gallon of passion: about cooking, and cooking with fire

You must have the hunger and ambition to be part of something special, and step outside the normal chef world, excited to join our team and grow with us.

We’d like to work with the new chef to develop more interactive video content for our community and anticipate full day filming sessions happening on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule - but this is flexible.  There would also be flexible time for recipe and idea creation.

If this is you and you’re up for joining the Uuni revolution please send a 1 min (max) video introducing yourself to jobs@uuni.net by Thursday 31st May. (It’s absolutely fine for this to be shot on a phone.)

More info about Uuni:

Kristian Tapaninaho, founder of Uuni, invented the the world’s first portable wood-fired oven in 2012. Before Uuni wood-fired ovens were bulky and very expensive. The portable Uuni is priced at just £199/$299 enabling customers cook exceptional food outdoors. Now Uuni are leading a revolution in outdoor cooking. Uuni ovens heat up to 500˚C/932 ̊F in just 10 minutes - meaning that they allow you to cook a pizza in just 60 seconds! Uuni’s mission is “Connecting people with exceptional food experiences”.

The Uuni team aim high and have the ambition of being one of the top 5 outdoor cooking brands in the world by the end of 2020. Uuni products have won multiple awards and are on sale directly via their own global sites and via retail partners - such as John Lewis, Williams Sonoma and ACE Hardware. Uunis are now sold in over 80 countries around the world. Uuni’s biggest market is North America and with 250% average YoY growth we’re one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. We are a values-led company and only hire A-players who align with our core values: passion, innovation, rigour, ambition and kindness.