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Testimonials and reviews

"I gave it a test run last night and it was fantastic and as an Italian I'm hard to please when it comes to pizzas!"

Lee Mazzotti, UK

“I have searched over 20 years for an affordable and simple way to make pizza at home. The "holy grail" is the ability to make pizzas at home that have the taste as the pizzas made at the best pizzerias. I have tried the pizza stones and various other devices over the years but have never been fully satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, home ovens do not have the capacity to generate the necessary heat that is essential to a well cooked pizza. Specialized pizza ovens are not practical or affordable to most of us. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical when I purchased the Uuni Pizza Oven since there were few reviews available to confirm that this affordable oven achieved 800 degrees. My search is over! The Uuni is amazing. The Uuni consistently produces high quality pizzas and is extremely easy to operate. With the Unni the only limitation on your pizza-making is your own creativity. Best yet, it is portable, and can be used on camping and other road trips. For pizza connoisseurs, the Unni is the complete package and you will not need another oven or other device to create superb pizzas.

James Orie, USA

“I got my uuni pizza oven as a present from my lovely wife and tried it out for the first time recently. I'm starting to fall in love with it. The pizzas turn out great! It's also very affordable compared to other, usually massive ovens on the market. In the manual recommends to test it out before inviting people over. I agree with that as there is a slight learning curve before you get what you really want. Also with how often you need to refill the petals needs some experience. It takes a few tries to keep the flames going strong into the oven. Once I got the hang of it, I got great results. Thank you for this fantastic invention!”

Harald Koebler, California, USA 

"Got my Uuni for Christmas 2013 having followed the project since its Kickstarter days. Initial impressions were very positive upon unboxing and my expectations were blown away once I had used it... First I invited family around (so no pressure) then I knocked up some pizza dough and let it prove overnight in the fridge and made a simple sauce. Next day I lit the Uuni and waited the longest 15 mins for it to heat up then constructed first pizza and even though the shape was a little uneven (tip: lots of flour on the peel - you can't put enough on!) Following 5 mins in the Uuni (turned half way!) it tasted super and the base was nice and crispy! Overall the only question is why did I wait?! Thanks Kristian for a great product!”

Tom Garrett & Family, UK

“We love our Uuni! There is nothing like the flavor of wood fired pizza, we will never cook pizza in the oven again! Even during Michigan's cold winter, where temps were in the single digits, our Uuni held it's heat and cooked multiple pies for our pizza parties. Additionally, we have had a few minor issues with our unit and Uuni customer support has been fantastic and resolved them all.” 

Scott Spiek, Michigan, USA

“I've tried every method of making 'proper' pizza like I've had at places like Franco Manca in Brixton or in Italy, and nothing has come close. Simply not enough heat. Was researching building my own oven when I came across the Uuni online. So now instead of a huge thing that would have cost me a fortune that I'd use a few times a year and takes three or four hours to heat up, I've got something I can fire up in 20 mins and have 'proper' pizza without having to plan so far ahead. Best thing I've bought in ages.

Ben Arnold, Manchester, UK

"I think I was in the first batch to order and receive a Uuni. And what can I say? I loved it from the moment I unpacked the box. Being part Italian I am supposed to be serious about my pizza’s ;-). Well… the Uuni delivered from day one and still does. Operation is dead simple, although  managing the flames takes a bit of practice. It’s just like making a good espresso: you gotta love the ritual :-D Have to compliment Kristian on how he handles customer care!"
Marcello Noto, The Netherlands

"I love cooking with your Uuni Pizza oven - I like taking it camping, and instead of boring sausages we have delicious wood fired pizzas! It helps that it looks like Mordor with neat flames inside when cooking too."
Brett James, Australia

All testimonials are from Uuni customers. If you'd like to share your feedback, email: hello@uuni.net