Tony GemignaniHow To Make Pizza With
The 13-Time World Pizza Champion

You (yes, you!) can make perfect, pillowy, fresh pizzas at home. All you need is a teacher, and who better than World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani? Join him as he teaches you everything you need to know!

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1. How to make dough

Learn how to mix Neapolitan dough from Caputo Blue flour, Tiga starter, water, dried yeast and salt. Understand starter types, when to use of sugar and salt, hydration and proofing.

2. How to shape pizza

Watch the technique used to stretch a pizza without deflating the dough, and master the legendary Neapolitan slap.

3. Launching and retrieving into Ooni

See how to load your pizza onto a peel and the method to launch it into your pre-heated Ooni pizza oven, turn it and retrieve it when done.

4. Different dough style and Marinara pizza

Understand the impact of proofing time on digestibility and watch how to make a Marinara pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, dried oregano and olive oil.

Who is Tony Gemignani?

Tony is a 13-time World Pizza Champion, restauranteur, author and master instructor at the International School of Pizza. He is also the owner and executive chef of acclaimed restaurants across the United States. His best-selling book, The Pizza Bible, is recognised as the utmost guide for all budding pizzaioli!

How do I access the video?

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