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About Wood Pellets

Cooking with wood pellets....
Wood pellets are a compact and convenient energy source. They're also easy to come by when you know what to look for. 

So what am I looking for? 

You often hear the phrase 'food-safe wood pellet' used when people are looking for pellets to be used with their pellet barbecues. This, however, can be a little misleading as there isn't a pellet standard that defines what's food-safe and what's not. Pellet barbecues often require pellets made solely out of deciduous trees. This is because they also utilise the smoke as well as the heat from the pellet. Using these pellets isn't necessary with Uuni, though there's nothing wrong with them. 

Uuni wood-fired ovens are designed to be used with pellets which burn at optimum temperatures of 500°C / 932°F. Uuni Pellets are 100% natural hardwood that is optimised for a neutral smoky flavour and high temperatures. It also has a low moisture content.

Always ask the supplier if you are unsure: 

  • Are the pellets hardwood? 
  • Are the pellets natural and chemical free?
  • Are the pellets suitable to food with? 


What to avoid? 

Softwood pellets. You can use softwood, however, you may find that you burn through the pellets at a much faster rate. Softwood pellets also have a higher moisture content which may not get Uuni up to optimum temperatures. 

Recycled wood. Avoid using recycled or found wood if you are unsure of its origin. Not only could be there harmful chemicals, the pieces would have to be cut down to the size of pellets to fit through the hopper. It is possible to use wood chips and smaller pieces of natural wood to light Uuni, however, they will burn at a lower temperature and you will need to refuel more regularly than with wood pellets.


Uuni 100% natural hardwood pellets are available via uuni.net with delivery to over 80 countries. Get in touch with support@uuni.net if you have any questions! 

If you've bought from a company that you'd like to recommend, please let us know. 

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